Customer Magnetism - Christmas ruined

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order a gift on December 7th,paid for it on the 8th called to check on it on the 20th.When I called I was told by Vincent that it was not mailed yet. I was also told he (Vincent) was going to look into it personally and call me back, that never happened.

By the time I got to talk to someone it was December 23,sogetting it for Christmas was out of the question. This was a gift my 6 year old daughter help me pick out. On Christmas I had to tell her it wasn't coming not a pretty site thank you gearbubble. The person told me on the 23rd there was nothing he could do but refund my money, I said fine after asking to talk to a supervisor and being told he didn't have one.

I asked what was he going to do for me and he said I can refund your money in 5 days.

That is not in my opinion good customer service. I also told him that I would tell as many people as I could how rude I was treated and no one willing to help, to make our daughters Christmas a happy one!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Customer Magnetism Scam Buyer Beware customermagnetism is a Fraud Stay away from customermagnetism.c

Not resolved

Customer Magnetism will make you pay for "Marketing Fee" for NOTHING... Our company's name has NEVER been at the top of the search results pages on any search engine! sales person is terrible on the phone. They said they could get our website in the first page and push back the untrue complaint one of our exemployee made but I can't see any wrork done.

When we tried to cancel our services with ConsumerMagnetism and get our money back but it seems that is impossible as we can't reach anyone from that firm!! Buyer Beware customermagnetism is a Fraud



clearly they suck


Here is a buyur beware, the same guy making the bogus claim about CM is writting the same junk about other SEO firms. Clearly this man works for an SEO company.

Just do your own research. Dont trust sites like this. They let anyone post anything they want to. Heres proof.

THe owner of this site is a looser.

Bet this doesnt get read or deleted. Thanks


I don't believe they are a fraud, and I'm not sure how you paid them for 1 month, then another because they make everyone sign a contract for at least 1 year.

But they are way over-priced!

Ridiculously over-priced!

Rip-off is in the rates and what they provide for those rates, thats the rip-off.


Our Review of Customer Magnetism ( Our experience with CM has been remarkably disappointing..

They completely over-charge for the most basic of services. My guess is that their customer market consists mostly of new Webmasters and online companies that do not yet realize that they are paying CM way too much. To make matters worse they will lock you into a 1-year contract and threaten legal action if you do not continue paying their absorbent monthly fees. They do not provide a detailed review of backlinks created (you cannot verify the links), and they do not send your articles for review prior to publication.

A strong link building campaign should consist of many diverse methods; including social networking, blog posts, article syndication, link exchange, and dynamic content. CM will charge you thousands a month to publish a few articles.. In my opinion they are snake oil salesmen that will bleed you dry with barely any results.

Do yourself a big favor and study a little about link building before considering any SEO company. What they charge thousands for can be done in one afternoon with a little know-how.

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